Get Your New La Caja China Griller For Less This Yuletide Season!

December DiscountsThe yuletide season as they say is the time to be jolly. It is also the ideal time to take a few days off from work; get together with friends and family and just celebrate. And what’s a celebration without delicious food? Imagine your dining table loaded with mouth-watering turkey or pig roast.

Imagine the tender, juicy and flavorful meat in your taste buds. That is something that you and your loved ones will look forward to, right? Now the only question is, “Do you have the cooking equipment that will guarantee you a perfect roast?”


If your answer is “no”, then it’s alright because La Caja China has an early Christmas present for you! We’re giving away discount coupons for our grills and accessories until our supplies last! Yes, ‘til our supplies last! So if you have been eyeing our world-famous grills, now is the perfect opportunity to purchase one for your home!

To use the coupons, simply go to our website and shop! Use the code CAJA25 on grills and get a 10% discount. You may also purchase your favorite La Caja China sauces or grill accessories and apply the code CHINA24 for a 15% discount. So don’t wait any longer! Grab your grillers and sauces now before we run out of supplies!

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